Fire Suppression

A RainSpace chamber provides an emergency supply of fire suppression water and supplements existing municipal water supply. 

An 85,000 gallon RainSpace stormwater retention chamber was installed on a narrow residential lot in Los Altos, California. Sandwiched between the rear of the residence and an existing swimming pool with a garage to one side, this RainSpace Chamber was the first part of a backyard improvement project which includes a patio, water feature, lawn... more
This mountain community experiences periodic heavy rains and snowfall yet the rocky and steep terrain does not support large underground aquifers or streams. Water well production is often poor and water is commonly trucked in by tankers and stored in unsightly above ground tanks next to attractive residences. A 5,000 gallon RainSpace Retention... more
A 10,000 gallon RainSpace Stormwater Retention Chamber was installed under the parking lot of a small two building office site in Southern Oregon. The water is collected off of the roofs of the buildings. The underground installation was ideal for the small parking lot where space is at a premium and any above ground tanks would negatively... more
A popular municipal Community Center in Southern Oregon was being significantly expanded and remolded to improve the level of general services to the city's residents. Located in a part of town with a water supply that was deemed inadequate by contemporary firefighting standards, construction of the building could not begin until a 20,000 gallon... more