NPDES Permitting

RainSpace can be used to store water for any reason. Some common uses include: Stormwater Management (infiltration, retention, and detention) to comply with NPDES (National Pollution Discharge Elimination Standards). Our team collaborates with you to meet LID and NPDES requirements to your design specifications and find the most cost-effective solution for you and your clients. Call us to discover how RainSpace can make your project a practical, affordable success.

This major discount chain erected a number of stand-alone new retail locations which required stormwater detention systems to meet local NPDES requirements on site.  RainSpace chambers with inlet filter wells were utilized to meet these requirements where chambers were sited under parking lots and driveways on sites with restricted space.  These... more
A 10,000 gallon RainSpace Retention Chamber was installed under the driveway of an existing residence in Alameda, California to meet local stormwater management requirements and also collect stormwater for re-use for on-site irrigation. Alameda is a low-lying flat island on the eastern side of San Francisco Bay that is fully developed with... more
A popular municipal Community Center in Southern Oregon was being significantly expanded and remolded to improve the level of general services to the city's residents. Located in a part of town with a water supply that was deemed inadequate by contemporary firefighting standards, construction of the building could not begin until a 20,000 gallon... more
A 5,000 gallon RainSpace Stormwater Detention Chamber was installed on a nearly completed custom residence in the Camarillo area of Ventura County. Local stormwater management regulations recently put in place by the County to conform to the EPA's NPDES regulations (National Pollutant Elimination Discharge System under the U.S. Clean Water Act)... more
An exclusive, highly regarded elementary, middle and secondary school in the Sherman Oaks neighborhood of the City of Los Angeles, California, has constructed two new buildings on campus, including a new Science and Academic building. City of Los Angeles Best Management Practices (BMP) required the detention of over 23,000 gallons of stormwater... more
McDonald's restaurants developed a drive through concept restaurant for smaller sites that prposefully is built without inside dining.  The local NPDES stormwater requirements were met by the installation of a Rainspace retention system sited underneath the drive-through drive way at the restaurant.   Testimonial: “We’ve done a lot of stormwater... more