Commercial projects save valuable land area with underground  RainSpace Stormwater Management Chambers and improve the esthetics of the site while meeting Stormwater management or water storage requirements. Each RainSpace Chamber installation specification is established according to the surface loads to be placed over the Chamber—whether it’s a field, roadway, or parking lot, paved or unpaved. Since no heavy trucks or cranes are needed for installation, RainSpace Stormwater Management Chambers are perfect for small lots or large commercial sites with difficult access. 

This major discount chain erected a number of stand-alone new retail locations which required stormwater detention systems to meet local NPDES requirements on site.  RainSpace chambers with inlet filter wells were utilized to meet these requirements where chambers were sited under parking lots and driveways on sites with restricted space.  These... more
GREENSTREET CENTER This three-building, 20,000 S.F. multi-tentant retail center focused on utilizing sustainable features in all aspects of the design and construction.  This retail center was developed on a sloping site with multi-level surface and underground parking.  The entire site was required to detain stormwater and infiltrate the water... more
McDonald's restaurants developed a drive through concept restaurant for smaller sites that prposefully is built without inside dining.  The local NPDES stormwater requirements were met by the installation of a Rainspace retention system sited underneath the drive-through drive way at the restaurant.   Testimonial: “We’ve done a lot of stormwater... more