RainTech spells out savings for schools. With today's tight budgets we offer the the lowest cost way to meet regulatory requirements and water storage needs for any educational setting from college to kindergarten. 

A 20,000 gallon RainSpace Stormwater Retention Chamber was installed at an elementary school to store water collected from the school roof. The RainSpace Stormwater Retention Chamber is part of a student learning center focused on teaching gardening and planting, growing and harvesting vegetables, fruits and flowers with hands-on experience. The... more
An exclusive, highly regarded elementary, middle and secondary school in the Sherman Oaks neighborhood of the City of Los Angeles, California, has constructed two new buildings on campus, including a new Science and Academic building. City of Los Angeles Best Management Practices (BMP) required the detention of over 23,000 gallons of stormwater... more
The UC Irvine School of Business significantly expanded with the addition of a major campus building.  The stormwater detention requirements were met with the installation of two RainSpace stormwater management detention chambers adjacent to the new building.  Total capacity was 35,350 gallons.  A unique challenge of this project was very tight... more
Camino Grove Elementary School underwent a substantial remodel and expansion.  This created the need for a 130,000 gallon stormwater detention and infiltration system under the play fields.  The detention requirements were met by three side by side interconnected RainSpace chambers which collected rainwater from the roofs of the school buildings... more
The newly constructed Goddard School facility required stormwater retention and flow control in two locations on the campus site.  The stormwater flows are initially captured in BMP (best management practices) engineered bioswales which pretreat the stormwater prior to flowing into RainSpace inlet filter wells with sediment isolation filter tubes... more