Stormwater Detention


This three-building, 20,000 S.F. multi-tentant retail center focused on utilizing sustainable features in all aspects of the design and construction.  This retail center was developed on a sloping site with multi-level surface and underground parking.  The entire site was required to detain stormwater and infiltrate the water into the sub soils before any release into the municipal storm drains.  Four RainSpace chambers were installed on the project underneath parking lots and driveways at three different locations and elevations within the project site.  Installation access was restricted due to existing walls and foundations having been erected prior to installation of the RainSpace chambers.  RainSpace chambers were selected by the owner and the General Contractor based on value engineering to address budget constraints.


“RainSpace Stormwater Detention System was very cost effective with fast installation on a difficult, tight and constricted site” - Ed Whinnery, Oltman’s Construction

GreenStreet Center - Redondo Beach, CA