Stormwater Retention for NPDES Permitting, Surface Utility, Irrigation Re-use and Fire Suppression

A popular municipal Community Center in Southern Oregon was being significantly expanded and remolded to improve the level of general services to the city's residents. Located in a part of town with a water supply that was deemed inadequate by contemporary firefighting standards, construction of the building could not begin until a 20,000 gallon RainSpace Stormwater Retention Chamber was installed. Taking advantage of the unique flexibility of the RainSpace, a rainwater harvesting capability was added to collect rooftop water for landscape irrigation on site. The existing old fire protection water system was linked into the RainSpace Stormwater Retention Chamber which, in turn, was plumbed to fire hydrant hookups that five fire trucks instant access to water for fire suppression. The surface are over the RainSpace Stormwater Retention Chamber dedicated to fire suppression is a combination of vehicle parking and garden while the surface over the RainSpace Stormwater Retention Chamber that is dedicated to storing the harvested rainwater is used as a parking lot. The RainSpace Stormwater Retention Chambers were installed b an excavation contractor with some volunteer labor from a local service club involved in the Community Center rebuild.


“Large scale water storage for fire suppression was required on site for our new building program. Two RainSpace chambers were installed in just two days and the system cost much less than any other we considered.” - Peter Mazzini, Community Center Coordinator

Southern Oregon