Stormwater Retention for Surface Utility and Irrigation Re-use: Phoenix, Arizona

A leading Master Gardener in Phoenix, Arizona, under a short timeline to a widely anticipated home and garden tour, wanted a clean source of untreated water for his specimen plantings. He needed a stormwater retention chamber that could be installed easily under his driveway and parking area where it would not disrupt his established gardens. Access to the site was tight because the property was highly developed with buildings and walls in addition to the gardens. The easily handled, lightweight components for the RainSpace Chamber were an ideal solution for an economical and rapid installation. Under the driveway ad vehicle turn-around area, a 9,200 gallon RainSpace Stormwater Retention Chamber was installed that stores stormwater collected from the roof and solar power panels. This supplies the gardens' irrigation requirements with clean, chlorine-free and pharmaceutical-free water that promotes the health of the rare plants. The installation was done by the owner as a self-contractor.

Phoenix, Arizona